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Episode 208 · 1 month ago

Morning Crunch - Caroline Hutchison

Pour a bowl... Entrepreneur Caroline Hutchison is in the studio representing Medina Media Productions & talking up the upcoming Virtual Outdoor Expo. Deep dive into her marketing & hunting adventures plus lots of news & views. 

Episode 203 · 1 month ago

Morning Crunch - Team Torres

Local entrepreneur Amber Torres is in the studio to discuss life post brick & mortar, the future of the food truck & the future of Team Torres. 

Episode · 1 month ago

Morning Crunch - Maryland Symphony Orchestra

MORNING CRUNCH - Emily Christine is in the studio representing the Maryland Symphony Orchestra. All about future events, lots of news & plenty of laughs. 

Episode 189 · 2 months ago

Morning Crunch - 90's Trivia

It's the 'Morning Crunch'. Hosts Jay, Chad & Sarah, run down the news, lots of holiday talk along with a funny round of 90's trivia.