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Episode 178 · 1 week ago

Jamal Palmer

Jamal Palmer is in the studio with hosts Chad & Jay to discuss his personal rollercoaster ride with drugs & addiction, his backstory, his faith, and his new show, the 'I M Recovery Podcast'. We go deep... 

Episode 177 · 1 week ago

Kaptivated Kulture

Kristin 'Queen' Elizabeth is back on the mics with Jay & Chad ,recorded LIVE inside the JP Mino Coffee Shop. Kristin brings the marketing & PR knowledge, all about companies surviving & pivoting during this rough COVID era.

Episode 176 · 2 weeks ago

Veterans Day 2020

'Morning Crunch' Hosts Jay & Chad talk up veterans, military movies, weapons, and pleny of interaction with the online Facebook Live audience. 

Episode 175 · 2 weeks ago

United Way

MORNING CRUNCH - Heather Guessford is in the studio, representing United Way of Washington County, Maryland. All about supporting non-profits & local charities, the challenges during the COVID era, and then taking time out for self care. Plus Chad gets sappy. Brace yourself...